European Commission launches Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard

European Commission launches Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard
16 December 2021

The European Commission launched the Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard, a public online platform to show progress made in the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) as a whole, and of the individual national recovery and resilience plans.

The Scoreboard is a tool to transparently display information to EU citizens on the RRF's implementation. It will also serve as a basis to prepare the Commission's annual reports on the implementation of the RRF and the review report to the European Parliament and the Council, as well as the Recovery and Resilience Dialogue between the Parliament and the Commission.

The Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard website contains dedicated sections on the fulfilment of milestones and targets and on RRF disbursements. It also has specific data compiled by the Commission, such as the expenditure per policy area and a breakdown of green, digital and social expenditure under the Facility. The scoreboard also provides qualitative information through thematic analyses of the implementation of the plans in specific policy areas. It contains two types of information:

  • Data collected by the Commission while monitoring the implementation of the recovery and resilience plans. This includes information on the fulfilment of milestones and targets as reported by Member States and assessed by the Commission. Information on disbursements is also included, as well as data developed by the Commission such as the expenditure in each of the six RRF policy areas and social expenditure under the facility.
  • Data collected by Member States on 14 common reporting indicators. This data allows the monitoring of the progress of the implementation of RRPs towards RRF common goals, also showing the overall performance of the RRF. Most reporting indicators measure the contribution of the RRF to more than one policy pillar. Member States will report on the common indicators twice a year, by 28 February and 31 August. The Commission will then update the data on the Scoreboard website by April and October. The first reporting on the common indicators will take place in February 2022.

This first version of the Scoreboard, as published yesterday, contains data on the plans submitted so far by Member States, approved by the Commission and endorsed by the Council (22 plans to date). Figures will be updated as more plans are endorsed. Milestones and targets will be shown as fulfilled once a Member State has provided the evidence to the Commission that it has completed the milestone or target and the Commission has assessed it positively in an implementing decision (a stage not yet reached for any Member State).

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