EU and Public Funding constitutes the core of our operations. We boast a successful track-record in enabling companies and organisations to unlock public funding opportunities through various financial channels of the EU institutions and other public bodies in the EMEA region. The customised service we offer is based on our dual approach:

  • top-down approach, based on our comprehensive know-how and experience in monitoring, applying for and managing public grants and tenders;
  • bottom-up approach, based on our broad network of contacts among stakeholders and decision-makers in the EMEA region, necessary to establish consortiums and partnerships to create new funding opportunities.

Consequently, our EU and Public Funding toolbox covers the following services:

  • Monitoring and identifying most suitable funding instruments, coming from both the EU and other public sources depending on the geographical range and purpose;
  • Analysing, mapping and positioning vis-à-vis stakeholders, decision-makers and potential project partners;
  • Ensuring client’s early presence on the ground in order to create – in partnership with the competent public authority – funding opportunities whose needs match the exact products and services offered by the client.

Our EU and Public Funding approach is based on the following course of action (covering the entire project life cycle):

  1. Preliminary assessment of needs and objectives (usually followed by a workshop);
  2. Development of a positioning strategy vis-à-vis specific funding instruments;
  3. Establishment of a partnership with the competent authority and relevant stakeholders;
  4. Development of the project proposal;
  5. Management of the project application process.

The above methodology is what sets us apart from other companies offering similar services. Our unique and comprehensive approach to accessing the EU and public funds focuses on delivering tangible economic results and establishing long-term partnerships between private beneficiaries and public donors.

EU Funding

Our B2Funding practice is our response to the increasing demand for customised assistance in exploring the potential funding opportunities of the EU’s 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework for projects in various policy areas and turning it into tangible business opportunities. It builds upon our extensive experience in assisting companies and organisations to acquire funding from a series of EU funds and support investments. Currently, key opportunities are available in the framework of:

  • Next Generation EU
  • The EU Green Deal
  • The Digital Transition
  • Investments in Research & Development

Middle-East & Africa Funding

Our B2Funding operations in the EMEA Region focus on the funding opportunities in the framework of International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. We go beyond existing potential opportunities and interact with local stakeholders to create new ones. The donors we worked with are major actors in global development, such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the United Nations, and the European Union, but we are always exploring new funding opportunities.
We choose donors ad-hoc based on our clients' needs and in collaboration with local stakeholders in order to find the best fit possible.

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