EU Announces €15 Million in Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and People in Need in Syria and Lebanon

EU Announces €15 Million in Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and People in Need in Syria and Lebanon
28 November 2023

On the 24th of November, 2023 the EU announced the release of €15 million in humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable people in Syria and Lebanon, including refugees and those in need within Lebanon.

This recent package comprises €11.5 million earmarked for Syria and €3.5 million designated for Lebanon. The aid aims to deliver essential support such as food assistance, water, sanitation, and hygiene to those facing the most critical circumstances. The assistance aims to cover the needs of Syrians both inside the country as well as those of refugees and vulnerable people in Lebanon. It is important to note that all EU humanitarian assistance is provided based on needs, regardless of status or nationality, with the assistance being delivered via NGOs, UN agencies, and other international organizations.

This funding arrives during a period of heightened violence in the Middle East, intensifying the challenges for countries like Syria and Lebanon, which are already grappling with increased poverty, conflict, food scarcity, displacement, and outbreaks of disease.

The ongoing Syrian crisis, spanning over a decade, continues to inflict immense displacement on half of the nation's population, both within its borders and beyond. Presently, humanitarian demands within Syria have surged to unprecedented levels, notably the escalating food and water crises, which have seen a stark decline over recent months.

The upsurge in food insecurity stems from soaring global food prices, compounded by the devaluation of the Syrian currency. Additionally, Northern Syria grapples with heightened levels of violence, intensifying the pressing needs of its populace.

Meanwhile, Lebanon faces its own distressing challenges, including alarming levels of food insecurity, a strained healthcare system, and a faltering education sector. Inflation and restricted access to fundamental services further exacerbate the plight, impacting vast segments of the population. The ongoing economic crisis continues to test the resilience of both refugees and native Lebanese.

This latest allocation adds to the cumulative humanitarian support earmarked for Syria this year, totaling over €186.5 million, along with over €67 million dedicated to aiding vulnerable individuals in Lebanon.


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