EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy

EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy
21 May 2020

The European Commission has launched its Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, a key pillar of the European Green Deal, which sets out new ways to implement existing legislation more effectively, new commitments, measures, targets and governance mechanisms. The strategy includes the following actions:

  • Transformation at least 30% of Europe's lands and seas into effectively managed protected areas, in order to build upon existing Natura 2000 areas, complementing them with nationally protected areas.
  • Adoption of a far-reaching EU Nature Restoration Plan that includes a proposal for a new legal framework for nature restoration, with binding targets to restore damaged ecosystems, including the most-carbon-rich ones.
  • Improvement of biodiversity governance, ensuring Member States integrate the commitments of the strategy into national policies. A Biodiversity Knowledge Centre and a Biodiversity Partnership will support better implementation of biodiversity research and innovation in Europe.

Especially during these difficult times, The European Green Deal, including this Biodiversity Strategy, is Europe's growth strategy and offers an alternative and efficient solution to the crisis. It will bring economic benefits and will help strengthen our resilience to future crises.

Taking into account that sectors such as agriculture, construction and food and drink are all highly dependent on nature and they generate more than EUR 7 trillion, it is sure that benefits of the EU Natura 2000 nature protection network are valued at between EUR 200-300 billion per year. Furthermore, nature restoration, organic agriculture, and green and blue infrastructure will create more investments in local jobs and local businesses.

Regarding the finance of the strategy, at least EUR 20 billion per year should be unlocked for spending on nature, in particular to restore ecosystems, invest in the Natura 2000 network, and in green and blue infrastructure across EU Member States. This will require mobilising private and public funding at national and EU level, including through a range of different programmes in the next long-term EU budget. Under InvestEU, a dedicated natural-capital and circular-economy initiative will be established to mobilise at least EUR 10 billion over the next 10 years, based on public/private blended finance. European Green Deal Investment Plan will also support this initiative as a priority.

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