Council Adopts Further Sanctions Targeting Russian Federation

Council Adopts Further Sanctions Targeting Russian Federation
20 December 2022

On 16th December, the Council adopted the ninth package of restrictive measures targeting the Russian government, as the conflict against Ukraine continues to escalate.

This new package consists on the following elements:


  • Export controls and restrictions: New export restrictions have been introduced on sensitive dual-use and advanced technologies that contribute to Russia's military capabilities and technological enhancement. This includes drone engines, camouflage gear, additional chemical/biological equipment, riot control agents and additional electronic components found in Russian military systems on the battlefield. The most severe export restrictions are extended to 168 additional Russian entities closely linked to the Russian military-industrial complex in an effort to cut off their access to sensitive dual-use and advanced technology items. Furthermore, the EU will expand the export ban on aviation and the space industry related goods and technology to include aircraft engines and their parts. This prohibition will apply to both manned and unmanned aircrafts, meaning that from now on there will be a ban on the direct exports of drone engines to Russia and any third country that could supply drones to Russia.
  • Banking sector: Three additional Russian banks have been sanctioned, an asset freeze against two additional Russian banks and add the Russian Regional Development Bank to the list of Russian State-owned or controlled entities that are subject to a full transaction ban.
  • Broadcasting:  The Council initiated the process for suspending the broadcasting licences of four additional media outlets: NTV/NTV Mir, Rossiya 1, REN TV and Pervyi Kanal. 
  • Consulting services: The Council has introduced a ban on the provision of EU advertising, market research and public opinion polling services, as well as product testing and technical inspection services to the Russian Federation.
  • Energy and mining sectors: In addition to the already existing investment ban in the energy sector in Russia, new EU investments in the Russian mining sector will also be prohibited, with the exception of certain raw materials.
  • Individual Listings: The EU has added almost 200 additional individuals and entities to our list of persons subject to a freezing of their assets. This includes the Russian armed forces, as well as individual officers and defence industrial companies, members of the State Duma and Federation Council, ministers, Russian proxy authorities in occupied areas of Ukraine and political parties, among others. This list covers key figures involved in in Russia's brutal and deliberate missile strikes against civilians, in the kidnapping of Ukrainian children to Russia, and in the theft of Ukrainian agricultural products.
  • Others: EU nationals will be forbidden from holding any posts on the governing bodies of all Russian State-owned or controlled legal persons, entities or bodies located in Russia.



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