Business to Government (B2G)

Business to Government (B2G)

Many companies are treating B2B and B2G the same way.

Assuming that the behaviour of the public sector should be similar to the one in the private is the first error.

B2EU is guiding companies working around EU Institutions and EU national governments to navigate through the challenging ways of obtaining contracts. Even though the rules and procedures are de iure similar, reality couldn’t be more different. Relying on the same set of rules in all Members States would often be wrong. 

How to use your sales pitch with governments to differentiate yourself from others? B2EU tips:

1.    Don’t use the same pitch as for B2B;

2.    Offer a solution and a long-term commitment; 

3.    Be patient!

Government contracts are a long-term engagement and can lead to many happy years if played smart. Governments don’t like changes from their suppliers, keep your team stable.

B2EU likes to combine funding and public contracts for bigger success. 


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