Country Profile | United Kingdom

Name: United Kingdom                                                                  Capital: London Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Population: 66.040.229 Area: 242.495 km2 GDP per capita: €40.643                               Currency: Pound Sterling (£) The United Kingdom has been allocated €16.42 billion from ESI Funds over the current 2014-2020 financial framework, a budget that mounts up to €27.29 billion thanks to the national contribution of €10.87 billion that Read more about Country Profile | United Kingdom[…]

UK releases first advisory documents for a no-deal Brexit

Over the course of the past few months, concern about a potential no-deal Brexit has intensified. While both the EU and the UK insist that negotiations are continuous and emphasise their commitment to reaching an agreement by the upcoming October deadline, the European Commission has been preparing for the event of the UK leaving the Read more about UK releases first advisory documents for a no-deal Brexit[…]

EU-Japan landmark Partnership Agreements

During the 25thEU-Japan summit on 17thJuly in Tokyo, the EU and Japan signed two landmark agreements – namely the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) – which are expected to enhance EU-Japanese relations even further. The EPA, which the President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, characterised as an agreement Read more about EU-Japan landmark Partnership Agreements[…]

Brexit negotiations making a big step forward

The two Brexit parties have finally come up with more clarity into the negotiation process, claiming to agree on some of the major transition points. Yet, the time to celebrate is far ahead! Time is still ticking, but slower Good news for Brexiters, a new date for Britain leaving the EU zone was introduced as Read more about Brexit negotiations making a big step forward[…]

Paying the price for free movement of people uncertainty after Brexit

It has been almost two years since the British citizens opted to leave the EU. Ever since, the UK Government has been trying to get the right deal with for its country. However, although setting a deadline of two years to negotiate the right deal with the Commission, and the fact that there is just Read more about Paying the price for free movement of people uncertainty after Brexit[…]