Financing your broadband project in the EU


The EU has recently published a report on the broadband coverage in the Member States. It definitely shows that the EU is on the good way but there is still a lot of work done.

As a reminder, part of the EU’s Strategy is to have:  “Universal Broadband Coverage with speeds at least 30 Mbps by 2020 and Broadband coverage of 50% of households with speeds at least 100 Mbps by 2020”.

One of the biggest problems remains rural broadband coverage among the EU28. In 2015 98.4% of rural hoseholds were covered by at least one broadband technology, but only 27.8% of rural households had access to next generation services.


In any case the EU continues to finance the broadband projects around the continent. To achieve a Digital Single Market, substantial investments are required. So far private operators have been investing a lot of their resources, but some public financing is necessary to reach the objectives. One of the main tasks of the Juncker Commission is to continue to develop the Digital Single Market and to keep investing in the Member States. This task is not easy, especially in the areas with difficult geographical conditions like islands and mountains. On top of that there is still a big difference between the South and North of the Continent.

Based on the economic situation public authorities can choose some of the models:

  • Municipal Network model (public)
  • Municipal Network model (Private)
  • Community Broadband model
  • Operator Subsidy model.

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