B2EU’s initiatives on EU – Africa development projects enables a broad range of its clients venturing into the African market to successfully participate in EU/ International funded projects.



Through our multinational team of experienced professionals, we combine our extensive network with the direct access to relevant stakeholders and an understanding of the local context in Africa to position our clients to the various EU – Africa development projects. This enables them to execute their business strategies and win EU/International funded projects with governments, multinational corporations, trade associations and NGOs.

We provide support to our clients in all major priority sectors including ICT and security, energy and transport, infrastructure development, trade and financial services, telecommunications, education and health, and EU – Africa partnership building.

Our main roles are to provide our clients with prior intelligence of EU/ International funding to Africa, how they can benefit from this funding, who the main decision-makers and beneficiaries are, how they can work with them and enhance their visibility through networking opportunities.

B2EU is also engaged in training clients to help them understand exactly how to develop their products and services, and how to sell them. We provide a holistic approach revolving around the whole project cycle, i.e. knowing the exact time-frames for projects, the criteria for access, the competitors and how to form clusters and get involved in upcoming tenders and projects in various African countries.

The success of our EU – Africa initiatives have enabled B2EU attract new African companies venturing into the European markets. Mostly in agri-businesses’ export to the EU and need to know about EU legislative and regulatory frameworks and the various development aid programmes.

For more information on how B2EU could support your organization in developing an EU funding strategy, win development projects or public affairs campaigns in Africa please contact us on: