Community-Led Local Development (ERDF, EAFRD, ESF): plurality of views and the need for operational tools.

The Community-Led Local Development approach (CLLD) is a method based on a participatory approach that allows an endogenous development of an area by involving local actors. This approach is considered as an efficient way to capture local interests and potential projects and therefore to allow the construction of a shared territorial strategy.

If the idea of a place based approach is seducing, it also shows many bottlenecks due to an important number of actors involved in the process and their belonging to different institutional and professional horizons. Divergent interests appear very quickly during workshops and the facilitator in charge of constructing the shared strategy might often feel unarmed to propose a consensus.

Operational tools can bring solutions to frame the debate, to overcome the divergences and to reveal unexpected points of convergence between actors. The Challenges wheel showed below is a good example of such tools.

Territorial challenges are successively highlighted during workshops (first circle). Each of them is then developed according to their concrete impacts over territory (second circle). Participants are then asked to connect each of these impacts according to how they think they influence each other. The territorial strategy is then formulated based on the highest numbers of connections.

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